Songs to Sing to the Children

by Vansassa

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It is the good. Vansassa is recording artist from great city of Chicago. She is traveler of first class in airplane of around the world thinking about cats that bring her inspiration of the music. This album is now in existence because children do not listen worse than the monkey. Children should clean house good. Vansassa had help of many people who will do as she say, not as she does, because is impossible for average person to achieve. It is ok. So now maybe you and your children will listen to her as well. Children should be quiet in clean room early to bed. She would like to thank you the fans, and for them to know if they have nothing nice to say, then say it to the children.

Vansassa wrote and performed all many good words on this album, and Jim Birch performed satisfactory services as Engineer in their Caffeinated Studios. She would also like to acknowledge for their help in no particular great order Matt Engstrom, Liz Bustamante, Jonah Winnick, Alan Scalpone, Greg Norman, and Dave Palmquist. Maybe someday they will earn to be paid.


released July 11, 2011

In return for her favor of music, Vansassa would like to know how the inspiration is for the fans. Here is good writing description letter from lunatic:

" Recently, I was invited to the home of a local musician. I agree and am given an address and the instructions to 'just be cool' no matter what I see or hear. I feel I can do just that on this particular day.
I arrive at the address and am confronted with a giant skeleton pieced together, seemingly, out of the bones of 20 different beasts. This is placed at the front door, I hear a whirring sound coming from within. A loud, distorted vocoded voice screams something unintelligible from somewhere inside. Perplexion.

I will not attempt to describe every thing I saw and experienced inside the home, would not be possible, as I myself am not sure what was real and what was imagined. Wires crackling, puffs of smoke suddenly blown into your face from the shadows. A feeling of floating. Lights swarming on the walls, some sort of projection. Animals bumping against legs in darkness. What that a pig? It's skin felt course, not at all like any sort of common domesticated animal. What lives here in this house? What is making that noise?

I am bounced around by sound for the good portion of an hour, zapping and whooshing by. Then it stops and I am in darkness.
Through a crackling vocoder of, I would guess, homemade design I hear words coming at me.
'Is album you heard, is for to sing to the Children'

Then nothing. Nothing at all. I feel my way around until I reach a door handle. I open and am back outside. My head is everywhere, cannot concentrate. Feels like there was some sort of gas leak perhaps, or some substance in the smoke has gotten me. I am unable to walk, I sit on the curb outside. I feel in my jacket for my cigarettes and find a CD somehow has been shoved into it. I have no recollection of this taking place. My cigarettes are also missing, brand new pack.

Vansassa - Songs to Sing to the Children

I have yet to build the nervous energy to a level where I am comfortable playing this CD again, in my own home, yet I know that day is coming. I don't know what will happen when I do re-open this pandora's box, but I am starting to come around to the idea. The music I heard that night has stuck with me. Beeps, buzzes, warbled echo voices. Pounding beats, rubbery bass. It's a solid groove, man.Trust me on this. It's just a little unnerving, a little uncontained, unknown. Fight or flight. How's both? "



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Vansassa Chicago, Illinois

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